Sum of Money Spent in 2023 on ABC Stores, Restaurants, and Food Trucks in Hawaii


When I traveled to Hawaii in the summer of 2023, I compiled a summary of the money I actually spent.

I had heard that Hawaii could be quite expensive due to the weak yen and high prices, but while it’s true that the cost of living is high, I managed to enjoy my trip to Hawaii by incorporating some casual elements. I savored casual plate lunches at food trucks and grabbed takeout from Whole Foods (the supermarket), striking a balance between enjoying the experience and keeping costs in check.

This time, I’ve compiled details such as the menu items and prices from the restaurants I visited in Hawaii, as well as the prices of items I purchased at popular souvenir shops.

For those planning to visit Hawaii in the future, I hope you find this information helpful!

※This information is current as of August 2023. Please note that prices and store information may have been revised, so be sure to verify the latest details before making any arrangements.











ハワイのオアフ島にあるドールプランテーションに、6歳と8歳の子どもを連れて遊びに行ってきました。 パイナップルトレインと迷路を目的にしていたのですが、パイナップルトレインは混雑していたので、諦めました。 迷路はパイナップ … 続きを読む

I saw sea turtles at Turtle Bay’s Kuilima Cove and Lanikai Beach!

Turtle BeachI drove along the west coast of Oahu Island.

I aimed for Turtle Bay, where there is a hotel and right next to it is a beach called Kuilima Cove.

This beach isn’t a private beach, so it’s accessible to people other than hotel guests as well.

I summarized my experience playing with my 6-year-old and 8-year-old kids at Kuilima Cove this time.

Additionally, on the way from Waikiki, I was able to see sea turtles at Lanikai Beach.

Both beaches offered a more relaxed atmosphere compared to Waikiki, allowing us to enjoy a laid-back vibe. I highly recommend considering them as options.

※As of August 2023, this information is accurate. However, before heading out, please make sure to verify the latest updates and information.



Turtle Beachオアフ島の西海岸をドライブしてきました。








2023 Wet and Wild Hawaii: Impressions for Families with Children – Saving Tips Without Using Lockers!

wetnwildhawaii1I took my 6-year-old and 8-year-old children to Wet and Wild Hawaii for a day of fun.

We booked in advance through a website called VELTRA from Japan, and were able to purchase the tickets for slightly less than buying them on-site on the day.

We went on a weekday, and it was less crowded than we expected, allowing us to enjoy the park leisurely.

So, this time, I’ve compiled my impressions of visiting with children, how to manage valuables without using lockers, and the crowd situation.

If you’re planning to go in the future, please feel free to use this as a reference. Please note that the information is current as of August 2023. Make sure to verify with the latest updates.